Red salad with Huelva strawberry slices, marinated tuna and crispy toasted corn

Salad with two of the most emblematic products of our land. Almadraba tuna and strawberries from Lepe. Spectacular presentation, it will not leave you indifferent. Try it!


Huelva strawberry salmorejo, with quail egg and drop of olive oil

Do you like Cordovan salmorejo? Well, here we merge it with the most important product of our local agriculture, the strawberry. We add quail eggs, olive oil and Flash! Explosion of flavors in your mouth.

6,00 €

Huelva style coquinas

The well-known coquinas from our Lepera beach, sautéed with Huelva county wine and a homemade sauce that doesn’t… It’s better if you discover them yourself

15,50 €

Iberico Ham Tumaca Catalan Toast

Bread from our mountains, with its delicious Iberian ham on top. All this combined with tomato in the style of Catalan tumaca bread. And fusion of two sister cultures, the Andalusian and the Catalan.

9,00 €







Nachos with cheese

6,00 €

Optional sauces 1,80€:

· Meat sauce and chili

· Mexican tomato sauce 

· Guacamole








Caprese Salad

Delicious buffalo mozzarella, accompanied by an excellent red tomato and basil leaves.

10,50 €


Crunchy artisan bread, for which you can choose between tasty products from the garden or the tasty Parmesan cheese. Always, always with a splash of olive oil on top


Bruschetta puttanesca

8,50 €

Bruschetta with sauteed mushrooms

8,50 €

Bruschetta de parmesano reggiano

9,50 €







Dutch cheese board

We put together three typical Dutch cheeses, specially brought from there, combined with some nuts, chocolate chip cookies and jams.

12,00 €





Traditional, traditional… and Greek, Greek! We can only recommend one thing: Ask for it!

12,30 €


Fun chicken skewers very well seasoned with smoked paprika, good olive oil and Greek spices accompanied by tsips with oregano (Greek fries) and Hellenic bread

12,20 €







Chicken curry and coconut rice

Close your eyes, take some rice and now a piece of chicken soaked in our red curry recipe. Close your eyes again, silence… Where are you? So is. Enjoy your «Indian experience». Namaste.

12,40 €

Aloo Massala

Simple recipe based on sautéed potatoes with the delicious mixture of massala spices. And to accompany these potatoes, a juicy natural yellow pineapple curry… again, another Indian experience for your senses… And 100% vegan!

11,40 €







Chicken with honey

Mastering the spices in this recipe is essential. The delicate and sweet seasoning of the juicy honey chicken pairs perfectly with the fresh hints of mint and lemon present in the delicious baked meatless Lebanese kibbeh that accompanies it. Authentic Phoenician heritage. Enjoy it!

12,40 €

Vegan koftas, maghmur and kibbeh

From the kitchens of the Middle East we suggest this dish. A recipe that brings together, in our opinion, the most authentic and refined of that shore of the Mediterranean. Delicate lightly cooked vegetable sauce, vegetable and legume meatballs and an aromatic vegan Lebanese kibbeh garnish. Bsaah! In Arabic bon appetit!

12,50 €







Chicken tagine with plums

It is difficult to describe this dish with words. It is as if when you try it and close your eyes, you feel transported to a colorful and bustling street in Morocco. Happy experience!

12,40 €

Lamb couscous

It’s not fashionable… it’s amazing! Steamed vegetables, flavored couscous, raisins… and a seasoned lamb, typical of the «Thousand and One Nights». You will not have tried anything like it. Welcome to Morocco.

14,50 €

Vegetable couscous

Another wonderful trip through the corners of Morocco. This time only vegetables and a lot of flavor. Delicious 100% vegan choice. Bon Apetit.

11,30 €







Frango a passarinho accompanied by Caipirinhas

The most popular fried chicken recipe in Brazil. And just like there, we’ll serve you two caipirinhas every time you order this dish. All good!

13,50 €








Savor all the essence of Italy on our crispy focaccia bread.


Focaccia di polpetes and basil

12,20 €

Focaccia sauce and mozzarella

12,20 €

Risotto with mushroom porcini

9,50 €

Cheese and pear fagotti with gorgonzola and pine nuts

Delicious bags of pasta stuffed with pear and cheese, a curious but exquisite combination, bathed in a gorgonzola sauce, pine nuts and raisins. To lick your fingers.

12,20 €







Cod cake

Cod worked as only our Portuguese neighbors know how to do it. We are sorry but we cannot reveal it. We decorate it with black olives and parsley.

12,60 €








Two wheat cakes stuffed with ham, cheese and chicken or beef, delight our clientele.


Chicken Sincronizada

8,80 €

Beef Sincronizada

8,80 €

Chicken Burritos

We take two flour pancakes of an inch each, we fill them with pieces of breaded and fried breast, in addition… corn, cheese and two secret sauces that we will not reveal… Enjoy them and share them!

10,50 €

Carnitas with cheese

10,10 €

Delicious mix of meats seasoned with chili and paprika, covered with bits of red pepper and lots of melted cheese. In this dish you will find a lot of flavor… and a slight spicy point.

Chilorio flautes

10,90 €

To prepare this dish, we roll up the wheat pancakes and fill them with roast pork with garlic, cover them with cheese, homemade sauce and cream and after going through the oven…, to your table!! Bon Appetite!!

Chimichangas de cochinita

10,50 €

Toasted at the right point, stuffed with our juicy cochinita pibil recipe and accompanied by crispy red onion xnipec… Follow our advice: put a little xnipec in each bite of Chimichanga and you will discover a surprising combination!!!







Boulettes de Liège

Succulent meatballs in sauce to which we add fruit, apple and pear, during cooking. The result is to lick your fingers and dip bread and ask for more fries.

11,90 €


Panna cotta with berries

5,00 €

Chocolate volcano with vanilla quenelle and chocolate sauce

5,00 €

Fake nougat ice cream sphere flower, with diced bacon from heaven and Irish cream

5,00 €

Dame blanche

3 balls of delicious cream ice cream, bathed in a Belgian hot chocolate sauce, which you will serve yourself to taste.

5,00 €

Death by chocolate with crumble base and chocolate drops

5,00 €

Mascarpone with raspberry with a brushstroke of strawberry coulis

5,00 €

Empress cake on Maria biscuits sand and caramel drops

5,00 €

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate

5,00 €

Children’s dish of Pasta

5,50 €

Children’s dish of Nuggets, croquettes and potatoes

5,50 €


Condado de Oriza Roble (+info)

Copa 2,80€  |  Botella 15,50€

Condado de Oriza Crianza (+info)

Copa 3,60€  |  Botella 20,00€

Condado de Oriza Reserva (+info)

Botella 23,00€

Pago de Fuentecojo (+info)

Botella 25,00€


Botella 32€

Finca Resalso roble

Botella 15€

Arnegui Crianza (+info)

Copa 2,70€  |  Botella 13,00€

Arnegui Reserva (+info)

Botella 17,00€

Beronia Crianza

Botella 13,00€

Muga Crianza

Botella 21,00€

Sentero Roble (+info)

Copa 2,70€  |  Botella 15€

Sentero Expresión (+info)

Botella 20€

Mucho más Rosado

Copa 2,80€  |  Botella 14,00€

Mucho más Tinto

Botella 14,00€

La Única (vino de autor)

Botella 47,00€

Analivia Verdejo (D.O. Rueda) (+info)

Copa 2,60€  |  Botella 14,00€

La Camioneta Frizzante 5.5 (+info)

Copa 2,40€  |  Botella 12,00€

Pulpo Albariño (D.O. Rias Baixas) (+info)

Copa 3,70€  |  Botella 19,50€

Mioro Gran Selección

Copa 2,50€  |  Botella 11,50€

Viña Barredero

Copa 2,60€  |  Botella 12,00€

Árabe semidulce

Copa 2,70€  |  Botella 12,50€

Margarita cup 3,50€ | Liter 16€

Prices with VAT · Diners service €1.50